Entry #1

Papu's Smashing Holiday 2007

2007-12-19 14:06:47 by uncle-x

Like a colorful rash, xmas comes but once a year... and so does PAPU'S SMASHING HOLIDAY! Start a classic holiday tradition by sitting through this brand new and improved Director's Cut (30 bonus seconds removed! More sfx and arm movements! Other better stuff!). Hope it's a 'hit'!


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2007-12-19 20:07:08

I loved it.


2007-12-26 09:43:14

dude l readed two books happy oh and patrion pig rocks


2008-01-29 12:46:37

I dont know what you said but it loocs cool


2008-02-07 20:22:09

I thought you left this site forever...


2014-10-16 15:09:56

Guess it's to late for Halloween eh?